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BIODIESEL L.T.D. has participated in research programs in collaboration with ARISTOTLE UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI such as:

  1. «Exploring the potential of promoting pure biofuels on the Greek market». (2007).
  2. «Development and application of a decision-making tool on biodiesel production to create a supply chain network of used fried oil.» (2009)
  3. «Exploring the potential of direct collection of used cooking oil in Thessaloniki Prefecture» (2009-2011)
  4. «Assessment of the consequences of long term biodiesel storage» (2011-2013)
  5. «Exploring the potential for the production of 2nd generation biodiesel from urban biomass and industrial waste»

Ιn collaboration with CERTH (Center for Research and Technology Hellas) , Βiodiesel LTD participates in the following project :
« GLYC2BIOD : Utililizing crude glycerin from biodiesel industry to produce 2nd generation biodiesel and animal feed additives high in protein, through biotechnology techniques » (2018-2021)

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